A great brand can consistently connect with its audience. Through all virtual, print, and traditional marketing communications, a great brand should rank among the leaders in its chosen field.

Approaching 30 years in design and branding, WSID has worked with a variety of clients from national companies to family-owned corner stores. With commercial understanding for producing real results, WSID has built a reputation of being in the right moment at the right time.

‘More than anything, we love being there at the beginning to create and guide small business in building a brand that can compete in the modern world’.

WSID has industry experience working across an array of projects covering print/packaging & brand design. It has been instrumental in developing branding solutions, creative strategies, and content for print, electronic, packaging, PR and web-based media for the retail, commercial and corporate sectors.

‘Our approach to design has largely remained unaltered since our early days – great design ought to convey the client’s message effortlessly, needs to do the job today without looking tired tomorrow, but most importantly, it has to fit a budget’.

WSID is committed to effective and long-term branding & design solutions to inspire impulse, deliver results, create awareness, and live in the consciousness of the consumer well into the future.

We design the strategy, the concepts and the products that enhance brands. We don’t design for design’s sake or believe ‘on trend’ is sustainable. We design purely to create brands that surpass the expectations of our clients.
  • Branding & Image Design
  • Marketing & Advertising Design
  • Retail Design & Consultancy
  • Print, Digital & Packaging Design
  • Signage, Exhibition & Interior Design
  • Print Production